We are Triplaco, and our DNA can be summarised in one word: panels. Our DNA has been the driving force behind our growth - for six generations now, since 1830 – from a traditional Belgian family-owned business to an innovate high-end player you cannot ignore. With a permanent family character and with different entities and identities. Trading panels. Check. Bonding panels into decorative sheet material. Check. Processing panels to size (sawing, milling, drilling, etc.), to serve furniture makers, interior designers and kitchen fitters even better. Check. Creating state-of-the-art interior doors and acoustic solutions with sheet material. Check. Continuous innovation. Check.

We do it all preferably in close consultation with you, so that our high-quality solutions take your end result to the next level. And rest assured: we understand you. We understand how that deadline is breathing down your neck: your customers want their furniture, interior doors and wall partitions NOW. We make sure that you as a furniture maker, interior designer or kitchen fitter don’t have to do everything yourself. With Triplaco, you get a partner who supplies you with the right components and guarantees craftsmanship. This is how you want to be able to serve your customers: without loss of time, hassle-free and worry-free. Especially because that partner offers you a phenomenal amount of choice. Advice, service and after-sales service included. Check.

Our business is complex, our promise is simple: we deliver solutions. Whatever the question. We reinvent the panel. And again. And again. Nobody in Belgium and far beyond has such expertise, such an offer. Check. Triplaco stands for three core values that we keep in mind and convey every day: work ethic, teamspirit and reliability. We are enthusiastic entrepreneurs who, as a team, put honesty and sincerity first. Consult us, put your question on the table, challenge us.


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Triplaco specializes in bonding of boards. Go to the Bonded Boards Configurator and assemble your own bonded boards choosing from over 500 colours and 100 cores.