Orders shall only be accepted in conformity with the following terms and conditions of sale, unless a deviation has been explicitly stipulated in writing:

1. Price and sale

The sale shall be deemed to have been concluded in Harelbeke.  Sales agents have no power to bind the company. In principle, all prices shall be “ex works”. For deliveries by truck, the delivery shall only include unloading of the goods at the (ground floor) entrance of the workshop. Sales shall be made assuming the creditworthiness of the customer.

2. Product and quantity

Buyers shall be deemed to be familiar with our products and their properties and standards (e.g. EN 438-1 with which our HPL (High Pressure Laminate) complies), and the same can be supplied on request. Storage, processing, application or maintenance errors can therefore not be invoked against us.

All the glued laminates presented on our carriers have 2 completely identical sides. If however, customers place orders with our services for different compositions, and such orders are accepted, the same shall be subject to the full responsibility of the customer. If we manufacture articles exclusively for a customer, an 8% deviation tolerance shall apply. The minimum order quantity shall be discussed in case of references that are not in stock.  In case of tailor-made orders, the manufacturer reserves the right to apply a quantity tolerance of ±10%. 

The tools we design or manufacture remain our property, even if they are invoiced. Consequently, we are free to use them for our own purposes. If, by way of exception, an exclusivity of use is agreed in favour of the client, this lapses in the event of death, cessation of activities, incapacity, bankruptcy or apparent insolvency, and also in the event of any form of dissolution, merger, or transfer of the business. Under no circumstances are we liable for wear or damage caused while using the tools.
3. Cancellation
If an order is cancelled and the same is accepted, the loss of profit and compensation shall ipso jure be fixed at 25%, subject to reservation of the right to prove and claim higher damage. If you cancel an order for trade goods from the stock program that have not yet been delivered but have already been picked, a handling fee of €75 will be charged.

4. Changes to orders

If changes need to be made to the order after receipt of the order confirmation, the costs incurred will be charged.
5. Delivery
The specified delivery times will always only be indicative. The goods shall be transported at the consignee’s risk, except where the price is on “carriage paid” basis. For deliveries in Belgium, we offer carriage paid deliveries for order values of €750 and above. Subject to mutual agreement, deliveries with order values below €750 can also be made on carriage paid basis, provided you contribute to the transport costs (from €75 onwards). If a delivery time was agreed upon prior to delivery and delivery cannot take place for reasons beyond the supplier's control, €75 will be charged for redelivery at a different time.
6. Complaints
Complaints if any shall be lodged within eight days of receipt of the goods in order to be valid. If use of the goods is commenced (e.g. gluing, placing, sawing), this shall qualify as qualitative acceptance thereof. The seller shall only be liable to replace the delivered product, and all other liability to pay compensation is excluded.
7. Payment
Our invoices shall be payable in cash at Harelbeke without discount.
8. Late payment interest and penalty clause
The debtor shall be liable to pay interest at the rate of 14% per annum on invoices that are not paid on the due date, by operation of law and without the need to issue prior notice of default. If a formal notice of default is sent without result, and the debt remains unpaid on the due date, then except in case of serious reasons, interest at the rate of 15% per annum, subject to a minimum of €50 and a maximum of €2000, shall be payable on the outstanding amount even if the aforesaid notice of default grants (a) period(s) of grace.
9. Disputes
The courts of the district of Kortrijk shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal disputes that may arise between the parties.
Contracts if any concluded shall be subject to the laws of Belgium.
10. Right of retention of title
The seller shall continue to be the owner of the goods even if the same have been processed, until full payment of the purchase price payable by the buyer to the seller. All risks shall pass to the buyer starting from the moment of delivery. The advances paid shall remain the property of the seller for the purpose of compensating losses if any incurred in case of the resale of the goods.