Triplaco specializes in the production of postform worktops, window sills, and door panels, which consist of a chipboard core with on top an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panel.

During postforming, the laminate is bended and glued to the core by applying both heath and pressure. Afterwards the panel is protected against impact, scratches, heat, and humidity, and it can be easily cleaned

Get inspired by our collection of worktops, featuring 25 trendy as well as functional decors: light or dark shades, unicolours, wood prints, stone, concrete, or granite look... 

Below you will find an overview of our postform worktops, window sills, and door panels in stock.
Did you have something else in mind? We are happy to help you find a solution (provided the required volume is sufficiently large).

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Postform work tops | Triplaco


Work tops in 25 decors (see list below) are immediately available from stock in model WB33.
In addition,  model WB34 with finish Zodia 406 is permanently available in stock.

Available sizes:

  • Length: 4200 mm
  • Default width: 600 mm.
  • Some decors are also available with a width of 900 mm.
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Postform work top model WB33
Postform work top model WB34

Postform window sills | Triplaco


We supply window sills in the below 25 decors in model VB02.
Window sills with finish Zodia 406 are immediately available from stock. 

Available sizes:

  • Length: 4200 mm
  • Width: 200, 260, 300, 340, 400, 450, 580 mm

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Postform window sill model VB02
Postform door panels | Triplaco

Door panels

Immediately available in the colour Zodia 406 and in models DR15 and DR04.

Available sizes:

  • Length: 3050 mm
  • Width: 125 tot 1295 mm
  • Radius: 3 mm or 12 mm

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Postform door panel model DR04
Postform door panel model DR04

0.6 0406ZOD - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300COL-17505
0.6 0559CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-470204
0.6 1461CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-2759671
0.6 1455CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-229771
0.6 0545CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-18749
0.6 2810CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-18713
0.6 0563MAN - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610DEM-18661
0.6 1831ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-551909
0.6 0879ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18731
0.6 0871ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18727
0.6 0475ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18723
0.6 0421ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18721
0.6 0410ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18717
0.6 0868ZO3 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-18645
0.6 0406ZOD - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-17505
0.6 0547CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300RCK-18695
0.6 0609SE2 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300LEG-551904
0.6 0602SE2 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300LEG-551903
0.6 0672SE2 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300LEG-551902
0.6 1355SE2 - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300LEG-18679
0.6 0658NUT - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300LEG-18675
0.6 0567MAN - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1300DEM-18663
0.6 0595CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-470205
0.6 1451CLI - PFR3
Item No. PRINT4200X1610RCK-551590