Ultra-maty, velvety soft, scratch resistant

Polaris leads the new generation of Abet Laminati products. It's a refined and durable reference for the most demanding designers who aim for unprecedented results. 

The innovative combination of durable and velvety soft adds an attractive futuristic touch to Polaris. Its surface catches the light in a way that it feels like you are staring into space. 

Polaris is the perfect choice for ultra modern designs with a unique, pleasant sensory experience.

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  • All 10 Polaris shades (5 cold ones and 5 warm): from deep black via elegantly grey to soft sand and bright white.
  • Available sizes:
    •  3050 x 1300 mm
    •  4200 x 1300 mm
  • Available thicknesses / finishes:
    • 0.9 mm (all colours)
    • 1 mm full colour (white)
    • 10 mm (black)
    • 12 mm full colour (white and black)
    • 12 mm stratificato (black core)

Polaris - anti fingerprint


Spots and fingerprints are minimized, maintenance costs reduced.
Polaris - impact resistant


The extraordinary high resistance to wear and scratches guarantees an extremely durable application. 
Polaris - heat resistant


Polaris offers resistance to and is not influenced by high temperatures.
Polaris - robust velvet


The softness of silk on a hard surface. The opposite ends of the tactile spectre melt together in a sensation never experienced before. 


1 2904POLRUV AK -
Item No. FULLC3050X1300-503775
12 2902POL-2X BK+F -
Item No. STRAT4200X1300-1200917
10 2902POL-2X BK -
Item No. STRAT3050X1300-541817
12 2904POL-2X BK -
Item No. STRAT3050X1300-514305
12 2902POL-2X BK+F -
Item No. STRAT3050X1300-1200917
0.9 2904POL BK -
Item No. PRINT4200X1610COL-504757
0.9 2902POL BK+F FSCMC
Item No. PRINT4200X1300COL-6251322
0.9 2902POL BK FSCMC
Item No. PRINT4200X1300COL-6251321
0.9 2902POL BK -
Item No. PRINT4200X1300COL-504758
0.9 2904POL BK -
Item No. PRINT4200X1300COL-504757
0.9 2909POL BK+F -
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-707150
0.9 2905POL BK+F FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6492592
0.9 2901POL BK FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6287831
0.9 2902POL BK+F FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6251322
0.9 2902POL BK FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6251321
12 2904POL-2X BK -
Item No. STRAT4200X1300-514305
0.9 2904POL BK FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6181663
0.9 0421POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6146474
0.9 1947POL BK PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128645
0.9 1944POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128644
0.9 1853POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128643
0.9 1834POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128642
0.9 0831POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128641
0.9 0440POL BK+F PEFC100
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-6128610
0.9 2908POL BK -
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-514317
0.9 2906POL BK FSCMC
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-2865638
0.9 2904POL BK+F -
Item No. PRINT3050X1300COL-1853578
12 2904POL-2X AK FSCMC
Item No. FULLC4200X1300-6442342
12 2904POL-2X AK -
Item No. FULLC4200X1300-514309
1 2904POLRUV AK -
Item No. FULLC4200X1300-503775

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