Triplaco 2020


Throughout Triplacos 70-year existance, great progress has been made. We evolved into a company with over 20M of turnover and a headcount of more than 80 employees. Even though we are extremely proud of that, we have to admit that this growth hasn't been easy. 

With the ESF project we want to thoroughly analyse our processes and remodel our production, coworking, and decision making structures. Based on the results of the analysis, we can implement one or more new structures and adapt them to the size of our organisation and to our employees. 

We want to go through this entire process with and for the sake of our employees. The new structure needs to support them in their daily jobs. Moreover, we want to implement the necessary processes to frame the daily activities and keep them under control. 

The main goal is to provide a work environment for the employees (backed by new structures) with more autonomy, increased internal communication, more mutual support and cooperation, more decision making capacities, and more responsibilities. We want to head towards the future together, taking the year 2020 as a symbolic milestone, and continue for hopefully another 70 years.