Today, we are in an unprecedented market situation: due to a worldwide shortage of materials and an enormously increased demand, we are confronted daily with significant price increases and increasing delivery times at our suppliers for panels. A shortage of raw materials and a reduced production capacity due to Covid-19 measures are the cause of a declining supply from the factories.

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In addition, "global logistics" is in a critical situation as well, which also results in very strong cost increases for sea freight.

These enormous tensions at our suppliers and the current situation within global logistics mean that we will also have to adjust our prices regularly. We do our utmost to limit these adjustments as much as possible for our customers, but unfortunately, we cannot ignore all these price developments.

Delivery times can - despite our large stocks – become exceptionally long as well due to a difficult supply of materials.

To provide a maximum service to all our customers, we can only pass on prices and quotations with a limited validity, and we can no longer accept orders on demand.

Our current prices and stocks can always be found in our webshop.

We also advise our customers to order on a regular basis and on time and certainly also to take into account the current price fluctuations in quotations to customers.

We do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service and are always there for you!