Our business unit customized production services is the ideal partner for the supply of customized semi-finished products! Our versatile set of machines make us your complete partner for the realization of your projects.

Your project is followed-up by a team of experienced & skilled employees that remains in close contact with the
client. This collaboration makes for an efficient and competitive realisation of your customized project. We carry
an extensive product range on stock which ensures that delivery times can be very quick.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our customized production services department. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

Panel cutting and dividing machinesImage title

We have three computer-controlled saws that work with great precision
Maximum panel sizes:       
                                    5600 x 2600 mm
                                    2mm up to 80mm

Edge banding

In our customized production services unit we have two edge finishing machines gluing ABS bands with high precision and
high speed, using a waterproof PU adhesive.
In addition we have machining capacity that makes it possible to mill all kinds of shapes and finish the edges with
hot-melt adhesive.Edge banding
Panel thickness:     
                                    max. 60mm straight, round and other shapes
                                    min. 8 mm (ABS <1 mm)
                                    min. 12 mm (ABS >1 mm)
Edge band thicknesses:
                                    max. 2mm (higher thickness on demand)
                                    min. 0,4 mm
Edge band width:
                                    max. 64 mm

CNC machiningImage title

We can handle a complete range of operations in addition to sawing, bonding, and edge
banding. Milling, moulding, grooving, flat milling, hole milling, drilling, jigging, and more; in short, all the
operations needed to help you develop your professional customised projects.